Attitude of gratitude

The day can be so consumed with tasks and doing personal admin, running around getting stuff done. That can become the norm, we can worry about “oh i need to pay that bill” “oh I need to get milk” and of course we need to that stuff but how often do we take time out to enjoy life. I don’t mean knocking back pints I mean just being appreciative and grateful. Having an attitude of gratitude (blimey I’m a poet) can just make life easier, can make you happier and help with the mundane and daunting tasks!

When we truly look we can find joy everywhere. So go for a run, take a nice walk, call up an old friend, read a good book and make time for the things that make you happy.

When things get tough, make a list of all the stuff you are grateful of, even if it’s just had a great coffee today. It can really help to get you back to you. We are trained in society and through the media to look at the negative, to worry but actually we don’t have to. I’m not being flippant and saying life is easy and good all the time but the simple act of knowing what you are grateful for can truly help on your journey.