Telly Talk events helping people get into TV

Telly Talk are networking events for those trying to break into TV. With guest speakers and people in the industry there to network with, they are a great place to find out more, get some good contacts and potentially get that job.

I spoke at the last event and here’s a video to give you a taster of what the events are like. So enjoy!


One thought on “Telly Talk events helping people get into TV

  1. I really got a lot out of the last Telly Talk event. It was my first one and I found it really interesting to hear from industry professionals and meet people in the same boat as me. I’ve met up with a couple of folk I met there and we are all looking forward to the next one. Lovely to meet you there, albeit briefly, and hear your advice. I appreciated it, thank you! đŸ™‚

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