What have you done this year to make you feel proud!

I hope you’ve all read that and sung it a la Heather Small or as Miranda and Stevie in the sitcom “Miranda”. For those who have no clue as to what that sentence means then please resource google and YouTube and feel free to have a giggle.

Seriously though it’s December, Christmas is around the corner, you are thinking “what on earth can I buy for Auntie Pauline?” , “how on earth did I devour that tin of quality street in the office?” And “I wonder if I’ll get lucky at the Christmas office party”. Alternatively you are probably far less superficial and are contemplating good deeds and pious acts. Either way this time of year is always a time of reflection. The act of looking back on the year gone by can be cathartic, troubling, empowering or frustrating or all of the above depending on the year that you’ve had..but it’s important to do it nonetheless. We get so wrapped up in the day to day that we are often unaware of how far we’ve come. We focus on the things that we don’t have or the things that we feel out of our reach rather than looking at what a journey this year has been. Even in the worst of times looking back you can think to yourself “how did I cope with that”, well you did and you are stronger for it.

The same applies to work, you are much further along than you were last year so be proud of yourself for that. Grab a pen and a journal and write down your ten biggest achievements in 2014. These are for you so don’t compare yourself to anyone else, these can be big or small things but things that have given you steps towards being a better you. You might have written 100 application forms, had 25 interviews and you may still be trying but I can guarantee that you’ve learned something from the process. Forget what your family and friends say what are you personally proud of, what’s affected you in a positive way.

Tell your friends and family why you are proud of them this year, it doesn’t have to be totally Oprah and there don’t need to be tears but a few kind words and acknowledgement can really help.

Looking back at the year, looking at the lessons and hurdles will ultimately set you up for 2015, so get your pen and paper out again and write your wish list.. What do I want to achieve? Don’t be so rigid that you have to stick to this so firmly but at the same point don’t be too flimsy that you disregard everything the next day. Look at the list and ask yourself, what can I do this week to start myself on that journey..? Remember it takes baby steps but you’ll get there.

Think honestly what’s made me happy this year (and I don’t mean liquor and one night stands) and what has made me feel less than myself. This simple task can help you see where your passions and help you to start living the life you want rather than the life you feel like you should live.

So grab a glass of mulled wine, get that NSync Christmas album on the iPod and remember a year gone by. Be honest but be kind to yourself,

Merry Christmas and thank you for reading my posts and making me proud this year!



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