Be grateful

Do you find that, when we get that job that we want, get a date with the person that we want or simply get a compliment, that we question ourselves? We can have that panic of everything is going right, what’s the catch? We can easily build disaster scenarios in our mind which if we are not careful can be a self fulfilling prophecy. I was in NYC recently for a break before I started my amazing new job, and blame it on the jet leg but I was thinking “oh my why have they hired me?” “Can I do the job?” The answer is of course I can. So I gave myself a metaphorical slap across the face and started believing that hell yeah I’ll be great. It’s about being positive without being arrogant, knowing that you have much to learn and are willing and open to be taught. Thinking you know it all can just be as damaging as thinking you are going to fail. So admit it I don’t know it all but I’m willing to learn and thank you for the compliment it is a nice shirt and only seven pounds from primark!


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