Appreciate the journey and enjoy the fact that your not there yet

So you’ve got all these great ideas circling round your head, i want to write, I want to work in tv, i want to be the best that I can be and I want it all now. Sometimes you can be so focused on where you want to be that you forget where you are right now. You need to appreciate the journey. It’s as if you are in a rowing boat heading to an Island and the rowing boat has leaks and water is coming in and all your focused on is getting to the Island. Surely you need to be focused on mending the leaks or you won’t get to the Island. The same applies for job hunting, focus on applying, building up your cv and think about what is in your power to change. Learn from every conversation, interview, networking event. Think how you can improve yourself. Don’t feel like it’s your right and you are entitled to it!

I judged a film competition last year and all entries were brilliant. I picked a winner and they were obviously really happy. The guy that produced the film that came second was shocked he came second and questioned my judgement to my face. Now he’s entitled to his opinion but when
I critiqued the film in a constructive way he became defensive and rude. I understand it was his project and he had worked hard but you need to be gracious. My lasting impression as a potential employer wasn’t good, I knew he was very talented but was shocked by the ego. So be gracious, learn, ask questions and constantly ask yourself “how can I improve”. Don’t beat yourself up, give yourself a pat on the back and then go what can I do differently! Everyone is learning, no one knows everything and once you accept that then hey life is so much easier.


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