How to shine in a group assessment!

So you get the call or the email and you’ve been invited to an assessment centre. Great you think, one step closer to my dream job. Then panic sets in as you realise there will be other people there competing too! You immediately associate yourself with Katniss Everdeen from the hunger games and think “this is going to get nasty”.
So many people at this stage start a vicious circle of thoughts in their head about how much better everyone else is going to be compared to them. Well stop with that thinking right now, you can only control how you behave, you can’t control how others behave. You can however control how you react to them.

So here are a few tips on surviving and excelling at an assessment centre.

Group exercise.

1. Prepare. Think of ideas, think how in a group discussion you can weave those ideas in.
2. Keep focused on the task and keep it relevant. Discuss the task in hand
not your gap year or your love for Nick Grimshaw
3. Don’t be a bitch, this is not the apprentice or real housewives of Atlanta. Be nice to everyone.
4. Be inclusive, assessors favour those that facilitate and include people, rather than hog the limelight seekers “I am BeyoncĂ© not Kelly Rowland”
5. Build on other peoples ideas in a healthy and constructive way
6. Focus on the time, mention the time and how much you time you have left and what you need to do in that time
7. If someone is being a bitch smile through it and politely get your points across
8. Don’t be too over familiar or flirty with the other people in the group. Wait till it’s over then ask the cute guy for his number.
9. Make notes to keep you focused. Note not just on your ideas but the others too.
10. Watch your body language. Have open as welcoming body language. Be conscious of folding your arms, rolling your eyes or turning your back to people.
11. Don’t take over, you are not a teacher. You can get your points across without being overly dominant.

I know these can be false scary situations but be yourself, throw yourself into it and enjoy it . If you are really shy then just imagine the other people as friends down the pub. Or write down what you are going to say if that makes you more comfortable.

Think UN peacekeeper rather than Mean Girl and you will excel.



2 thoughts on “How to shine in a group assessment!

  1. Thank you for the advice! This is exactly what I always told my “students” (who were senior citizens) because they had a little trouble working together as a team.
    I was lucky to learn these skills at school through various group assessment excercises.

    Another aspect that’s very important in my opinion is to be relaxed but focused without losing your sense of humor!

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