Appreciate You

Take a deep breath, relax and be appreciative of all you’ve done. We get so focused on what we haven’t achieved or where we think we need to be, that we often lose focus of how far we’ve come.

I’ve met thousands of people who tell me what they haven’t done, what they need to do, how people are standing in their way, how they are not good enough. It’s very rare I hear someone say actually this is what I’ve done and I’m really proud of it. It’s not arrogant to be proud of your achievements it’s arrogant when you get complacent, when you feel that you have nothing to learn, when you put others down or make fun of people because you perceive yourself to be better. That’s arrogance. To be proud but remain humble, to think “hey I’ve done a great job” but to also know that I still have much to learn all makes you a well rounded individual and better person.

Sometimes at the end of each week it’s useful to write down in a journal what you’ve achieved, what you are proud of, and what lessons you have learnt. On a separate page write down the things that are troubling you and ask yourself are these things that I have within my power to change? Are they important? This can give you great perspective, and clarity. I’m also a firm believer of laughing and looking at the humour of situations. Also if your best friend had written these things down, what would you say to them??

I like to say to people “know yourself” so get to know yourself!


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