Happiness is now

Sometimes it can be exhausting trying to please everyone. You play a part that’s kinda like you but not really, you adapt who you are in order to validate and seek approval. Well you know what you don’t need to. Those that love you for you and are meant to be with you will be and those that aren’t will slip away. We so often find fault in ourselves and make excuses for others bad behaviour towards us. Or we put restrictions and limitations on ourselves which delay our happiness. A friend of mine was on a train and a group of early 20 something girls were talking near him. They were talking about all the places that they wanted to visit in the world. After each place they’d say “oh I’m going to wait until I’m in a relationship to go there”. We put benchmarks on our happiness and limitations often relating to I’ll be happy when… Well what happens is when people get that then they defer the boundaries and say I’ll be happy when again. Our happiness is not dependent on a husband, new house, flash car, fancy pair of shoes. Yep they can make life pleasurable and easier but why can’t we be happy now. Just now right in the moment and appreciate what we have! Sometimes we are scared to be happy, to truly appreciate ourselves. It doesn’t feel very British, we’d rather moan or be self deprecating than to simply say you know what I am doing really good! Social media makes us feel that everyone else has more, is thinner/ more attractive and is generally having a great time, but that’s just the smoke screen that people want you to see.

So appreciate all that is good about you today. Laugh and be silly. Ring that good friend, go for coffee and chat and have fun! It’s a lovely sunny day!


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