Know your truth

We can focus our current truth on things that have happened in the past and particularly things that people have said to us. We’ve all said “oh I’m not very good at that” or “I was really bad at sports/maths/science/take your pick at school. If we have a negative experience of doing something then we can make assumptions that we are never going to be good at it. But is that true? Sometimes you need to remember who you are now, what you’ve achieved rather than who you were then. The same applies to dating, “I’m always attracted to bad guys” “none of my relationships last”. We can create a self fulfilling prophecy based on negative experiences from the past. This can cloud our judgement and make our truth become skewed.

I was not great at sports at school, often the last to be picked in team sports. As an adult though I captained a work soccer team, now I’m never going to be Beckham but it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter how good I was, it mattered that I enjoyed it and I was improving. I took up running 7 years ago and when I started I could barely run a mile, but through practice and routine I’ve now ran two marathons and running is just part of my routine it’s become the norm.

People often surprise themselves when later in life they face the thing that they always thought they were rubbish at. It’s good to mix things up and not be defined by your truth from the past. I meet lots of talented people who say they can’t work in tv, or they can’t do this and that. A lot of that stems from being told that and taking that as their own truth. We remember so much more frequently the negative things people have said to you. Why do we dwell on them rather than on praise!

Make a list of things that you think you’re not good at and want to be. There’s no point focusing on things you’re not interested in, but there’s always something people secretly want to do. Be it singing, dancing, or learning a language. Ask yourself do I know that to be true that I’m not good at this? If I did do this then how would I feel? What am I worries about? Most people will be most concerned about failing or worrying what people will think, so ask yourself, do you care? What’s the worst that can happen?

Start to make notes of compliments and praise. Now don’t go crazy and totally believe the hype and become a narcissistic diva but sometimes when feeling a bit low it’s good to look at these and remind yourself “hell yeah I’m pretty great!”


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